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On-Demand Homecare is a leading home care technology provider, improving the healthcare facilities of over 2000 organizations and clients. Centered on innovation, excellence and better collaboration with clients, On-Demand Homecare developed a better proficiency in the domain of home-health operations. As a result, we are providing efficient and streamlined healthcare operations with better control. Our home healthcare software solutions enable easy billing and reporting under HIPAA & CMS regulations.

ODHC’s innovative and comprehensive software solutions make it easy for healthcare professionals to manage their home care and healthcare agencies and provide quality patient care. Our technical support team also enables healthcare professionals to enhance their businesses with better collaboration and efficiency in home health operations.

On-Demand Homecare’s First Outcome Focused Software Features


On-Demand Homcare’s dashboard is the go-to home care software solution for your business visibility and analytics with 100% customizability


Take scheduling to the next level with bird view, color coding, multiple appointment scheduling, notification of visits and staff availability.

Smart Billing

We have over 2000 commercial & government payers in our network, allowing an agency to automatically fill in patient details, focus on patient care without hassle.

Custom Reporting

With On-Demand Homecare’s personalized dashboards and custom reporting, we provide your agency with real-time business insights.


ODHC’s integrated EVV App is flexible on all devices and it will automatically sync data in real time, track employee schedules and eliminate fraud.


On-Demand Homecare’s updated assessment form OASIS-E will help your agency plan quality care that, in return, determines reimbursement from your agency.

Competitive Pricing

Our software solution that is easy to use, cost-effective and up to date with the new updates with everything new in the home care and home health industry.

Flexible on all devices

There is no question that mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to stay connected with friends and family, to get news and information.

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Home Health Providers

Starting an agency takes loads of work, but your business automation solution shouldn’t! On-Demand Homecare is aware of how challenging it is to launch a home health business. That’s because we were there at one point in the distant past. We collaborate with healthcare providers & give them the resources they require to organize, discover clients and caregivers and prepare your business for growth. We also provide your business with a high-value solution that includes everything you need at a reasonable cost. You do not need to buy additional or extremely expensive components or software to finish your solution!

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Home Care Providers

Challenging Competition? Worry no more, ODHC is here. Home care providers are in high demand as the population ages. The need for quality home care is growing and with it number of businesses providing these services. If you’re one of those business owners, you know that standing out from competition can be challenging. That’s where On-Demand Homecare’s citation services come in. We are committed to assisting our clients in growing their productivity, enhancing communication and coordinating patient care. We are also the go-to partner for agencies nationwide, with a client retention record of 99%. By strengthening the connections between clinical and social care, ODHC assists providers, payers, health systems, and community organizations in today’s value-based care environment.

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2000 Calls per month
857 Clients Served
586 Caregivers Employed
60000 Lives Saved
308 Active Volunteers

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See how the best home health care software solutions in the USA can help your agency increase your revenue and improve client outcomes.

Easy-to-use software for streamlining the operations
Software products for the future of health care, which is in home
Digital signatures and automatic data backup with cloud technology
All devices are compatible and have real-time eligibility checks for Medicare service providers.
Secure cloud-based applications require no additional hardware.

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