Updated Assessment Forms

The Outcome Assessment Information Set Version E (OASIS-E) will come into effect on 1st January 2023. What is it and what does it do for your home health agency? The purpose of OASIS is to plan quality care that in return determines reimbursement for your agency. 

All the agencies should shift from OASIS D to OASIS E, here are a few changes that your agency should keep in mind:

There could be forty-four (44) new changes that could take place, where thirty-nine (39) are new items, four (4) are replaced items and one (1) is a removed item. It is anticipated that the new items may include:

  1. Impairment data such as hearing and vision
  2. Items will be standardized to assess needs for special services, treatments, and interventions such as nutritional approaches, cancer treatments, respiratory therapies, and high-risk drug classes.
  3. Standardized assessment items for medical conditions and co-morbidities will include activity interference, effects of pain on sleep, and a day-to-day activity tracker. 
  4. Social determinants of health
  5. Data on the transfer of health information is collected for providers and patients.
  6. Cognitive function and mental status assessments such as CAM, BIMS, and PHQ-2 to 9 are also included. 

On-Demand Homecare has the best home health care software solutions in the USA. With our easy-to-use comprehensive assessments, your agency can collect pertinent data on the patient and their environment to draw conclusions on subsequent interventions. Our complete home care software has rich tools which will help your agency document fall prevention, wound management, drug regimen, interventions, and goal through discharge, and it will also help you capture data comprehensively. Our software solution is built focusing on deriving the outcome, clinical monitoring, payment and compliance, and care planning. 

In addition to this our updated assessment forms all provide your agency with:

  1. Template option for frequently used comments
  2. ICD-10 menu-Search by code or diagnosis
  3. Expandable comments sections
  4. Error checking and
  5. PPS Vantage- Reimbursement optimizer.

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