Customers Testimonials

“Outstanding EVV Solution ODHC saved us a lot of time. We spend no more than 15 minutes a day to address issues from yesterday’s visit ODHC provides great functionality to archive timesheets by person, billing submissions easy and customer service very professional and quick responses.”

G. Sohani, Care Dot Home Care

“On Demand Home Care has been instrumental in saving a lot of time to manage my agency business. Earlier, we used to depend on the 3rd party firm for claims. But now, with the integrated ODHC platform, we are not just only able to quickly process our claims ourselves, we have also been able to get an accurate estimation of the claim amount. It is very user friendly and the advantage is anyone can use it with ease.
The team at ODHC have been really helpful in customizing the application to our business requirements, that makes it more adaptable to our workflow”

Steve Andrew

“Simple, user friendly product and really helpful support team! We have been with ODHC for the past 2 years and it has been a great turnaround for us. The support team is available 24/7 to take calls and fix the issues within the promised time frames. After we signed up with ODHC, we has become immensely productive in creating schedules, tracking caregivers, maintaining visit notes and claim bills. It is very flexible and we assure it is value for your money.”

Mark Stevens

“We were managing our operations manually for the past 5 years – Since our inception. To be honest, it was big transition for me and my care givers to move to an online ecosystem – On Demand Home Care.

But from the day one of our training, the ODHC team has been nothing but courteous and friendly. They had detailed sessions with me and my caregivers until we are well versed with the software.
Hats off, ODHC!!”

Dana Johnson

“On Demand Home Care has always been pro-active in their updates, with the changing CMS Guidelines. Impressed with the latest PDGM Update, as well. Been a client since 3 years now. They have never disappointed us. Would strongly suggest it to any start-up agency.”

William Rodney