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Home Care and Home Health scheduling is one of the most time-consuming tasks, and this can take up all the time that your agency could rather spend on patient care. What to do you ask? We at On-Demand Homecare have the best home health care software solution for your agency! Our user-friendly software solution enables scheduling a visit from the dashboard, which saves multiple steps.

Our home care software solutions for agencies take scheduling to the next level with text alerts to your clinicians about their service visits. Your agency is also provided with a bird’s view of your entire business schedule, or you can also drill down to patient of clinician leave scheduled visits. In addition to this, you can perform multiple tasks such as reassigning a missed visit or deleting in our simple to use Scheduling activity. 

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Healthcare and Home Health Scheduling

On-Demand Homecare also provides:

  1. Colour coding
  2. Multiple appointment scheduling
  3. Notification for new, changed, and missed visits and,
  4. You can also track the availability of staff when patients need to be assigned.

With our complete home care software solutions for agencies, your agency can use our customizable dashboard as a go-to access point for your business visibility and analytics. This way your agency could take advantage of your data to do more and more forward. 

Healthcare and Home Health Scheduling

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