Smart Billing

Empower your business with On-Demand Homecare’s electronic billing and payment processing solution. By automating the process and making it easier to send invoices electronically, you can spend less time working on billing and more time focused on caring for clients.With just a few clicks, you can schedule appointments, send and receive messages with your clients and caregivers in real time, track all the information surrounding payments and invoices and automatically get reimbursed for customer care costs.

On-Demand Homecare’s software results from in-depth research into how agencies work. We have over 2000 commercial and government payers in our network, allowing your agency to automatically fill in the patient details and focus on patient care without hassle. We aim to devise a practical solution that maximizes convenience, streamlines operations and meets the needs of various agencies.

Data in medical billing can be sensitive. While providers may want to spend money on something other than SaaS solutions that handle their data, On-Demand Homecare gives them access to features like e-billing and claims tracking at an affordable cost. In addition, the company’s cloud software covers all data security issues related to storing and accessing healthcare information, meaning that providers’ data is always protected.

Automated invoicing ensures the best customer experience. It improves compliance standards, eliminates invoice disputes and makes it easier for caregivers to get paid faster. In addition, e-billing solutions are better for the environment as they avoid using paper in billing.

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