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On-Demand Homecare is a home health and home care agency software solution that is easy to use, cost-effective and up to date with the new updates with everything new in the home care and home health industry. We are a web-based system, and we are also available to use on mobile and tablets.  Our agency depends on scheduling, electronic billing and invoicing, records retention, care plans, electronic visit verification, and so much more. Through our Complete Home Care Software Solutions for Agencies your home health care agency can communicate with caregivers, physicians, and management staff from anywhere. 

We at On-Demand Homecare provide your agency with 100% Customizable features such as:

  1. Dashboard – your agency’s go-to access point for business visibility and analytics. You are also provided with a high-level dataset that is valid and accurate with the level of interactivity that meets users’ skill sets to act on and improve your business. 
  2. Scheduling – you are given an option to see a bird’s eye of your entire business schedule, or you could drill down to patient- or clinician-level scheduled visits. You could perform multiple tasks here, such as reassigning a missed visit or deleting through our simple-to-use scheduling activity. 
  3. Assessments (Oasis and Non-Oasis) – we have an easy-to-use comprehensive assessments feature which will help your agency collect pertinent data on the patient and their environment to conclude subsequent intervention. We also provide your agency with a template option for frequently used comments, ICD-10 menu-Search by code or diagnosis, expandable comments sections, PPS Vantage – Reimbursement optimizer, and Error checking.
  4. Physician/Drug/Pharmacy/Supplies Database – On-Demand Homecare has over a Million records collectively of Physicians, drugs, Pharmacies and Supplies. Our database includes all the information that your agency would need to complete the assignments, plan of care, medication profile, notes, and everything in between while keeping security permission intact, this sensitive or confidential information will be shown to employees with the right access.

And many more like Pre-Populating Progress Notes, Electronic Claims Submission, Referral Intake, Braden Scale, PPS Vantage, Real-time Eligibility Check, Plan of Care, Tools, Reports, Teachings, and Electronic Visit Verification to name a few. 

With On-Demand Homecare your agency will be provided with all the above-mentioned features are more for the most affordable prices in the market. 

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