What is EVV?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) came into existence when there were numerous fraudulent claims that were submitted during the era of the paper timesheet. The reduce this Congress mandated the 21st Century Cures Act where all home care agencies reimbursed by the government must use EVV.

EVV is an electronic system that is used to verify the authorized services and provide electronic proof. To simply, in order the be reimbursed for the visits, you are supposed to provide details for your visit. The details include the work performed, hours spent, notes, accurate location, and the patient-caregiver interaction to name a few. 

EVV has six requirements:

  1. Date of Service
  2. Location of service delivery
  3. Type of service provided
  4. Caregiver providing the service
  5. Patient receiving the service and finally, 
  6. Time the service begins and ends. 

How can I track a caregiver?

There are three ways to track the caregiver:

1. Biometric Recognition

The method required a dedicated hardware device that must be installed on the clients’ premises. Using this the caregiver needs to scan their figure prints and record their voice samples to register the visits. 

This method soon became unpopular because biometric devices are expensive, and each client needs to install the device at their home.

2. Geofence and GPS-based Visit Verification

Geofence or GeoZones are virtual perimeters that are set around a predefined area on the map. The caregiver can install the EVV mobile application which is available on both IOS and Android and connect it to the built-in GPS on their smartphone.

through this, the agencies can track the caregiver.

Other additional benefits of this are:

  • Driving Directions: the caregiver can easily get the best route to the client’s location. This helps boost productivity, save time, and payroll costs.
  • Captures real-time data: The application can easily track the number of visits, time, delay, notes, photos, signatures, and the care provided.
  • Mileage tracking: through the app, the total number of miles driven by the caregiver can be tracked, which would make it easy during billing.
  • Safety: the safety of the caregiver could be monitored and in case they feel unsafe the app automatically alerts the manager and shares the location with 911.
  • Work Rules: the caregiver would be provided with customized work rules depending on the work he or she has to do, place, people, and time.

3. Telephony

The system requires the caregiver to call from the patient’s home phone which must be a landline. The system later tracks the caller ID to verify the location of the caregiver.  This method is considered almost foolproof but according to the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), about 50% of US households do not have a landline connection. Due to which, this option is considered ancient, and many home care agencies tend to not prefer this method.

Most Home care agencies tend to choose the Geofence and GPS-based Visit Verification method to track the caregivers due to its numerous advantages. 

Why should you choose ODHC for EVV?

On-Demand Homecare provides an integrated Electronic Visit Verification App which could be installed on both Android and IOS to help caregivers and service staff provide quality care with proof. It acts as an accountability tool for your agency by syncing real-time data such as: 

  • Caregiver’s schedules
  • Tracking their live location, 
  • Assigning the work based on the location
  • Tracking caregivers’ safety

Our EVV app would provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save time by eliminating manual data entry of timesheets
  • Automatizing the workflow such as scheduling, payroll and billing
  • Provides you with personalized care plan based visit notes based on your client’s data.
  • It is cost-efficient
  • Faster billing and payroll

Our On-Demand Home Care EVV app will eliminate potential fraud and help you provide your clients premium quality care!