The modern physician’s oath requires them to promise that they would provide the best care possible, treat patients with compassion and respect patients’ privacy. Abiding by the oath is not easy and every physician consistently tries to achieve that. One of the ways this could be achieved is through the contribution of software in clinical documentation. The software helps you protect and improve your clinical documentation.

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is the most powerful tool for meeting these standards. This software helps improve the quality and list of documentation and speed at which the physician treats their patients, which in turn helps increase the revenue.

Why CDI software 

1. To improve the quality of documentation 

A study says, between 1999 – 2000 the number of deaths in the US due to preventable medical errors was between 44,000 and 98,000. A recent study in 2016 estimated the deaths to be more than 250,000. To prevent this the CDI software was developed to help medical organizations standardize medical coding terminology. This improves the accuracy of patient’s records, and the complexity of their care is simpler to understand. 

2. Improves speed of treatment 

The main reason for misdiagnosis could be a result of coding errors and miscommunication and this could lead to unhelpful or even harmful medication which could severely affect the patient. CDI software helps reduce these communication errors in addition to this training the physicians can provide the right medication faster. This ultimately allows doctors to attend to more patients which also increases the revenue of the organization.

3. Increase in revenue for medical organizations 

Due to CDI software the quality of the documentation and the speed of the treatment has increased significantly which resulted in the doctors treating more patients which increases the revenue of the organization. In addition to this there is less loss that the organization must bare due to unorganized record keeping, more referrals for high quality rating and increased automation.

Here are a list of Top five CDI software solutions in the market 

1. 3MTM  360 EncompassTM system 

This system is more than a typical CDI software it is an all-in-one solution which combines computer-assigned clinical and physical documentation, coding, and quality management services. It is designed to help hospitals promote compliance and also help in accurate reimbursement.

Who benefits from this software? 

This system is built for healthcare organizations who are looking for standardization of coding, documentation and ultimately make fragmented system. 

2. ECP 

ECP is an affordable, independent, web-based software solution. It is customized to the needs of users. It offers eMAR (Electronic Medical Administration Record) and Medial Health Record. The software simplifies the bond between a pharmaceutical and home automated medication services. It also improves care with alerts, task lists and reports.  Their believe patient is king, even if the patient is on a health journey which includes patient and family portal, patient intake and patient notify. These are the products which work the best in this software, they also have a patient engagement platform which represents over 62 million patients. 

3. Foothold

It is an electronic documentation software, especially made for behavioral health service providers. Foothold software is one stop solution for client tracking, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and case management. It is a HIPAA compliant. It is also certified federally as an EHR for meaningful use. This software is specially for programs which offer mental health, drug abuse, housing, and employment.

4. Nuance CDE 

Nuance Clinical Document Excellence’s (CDE) prime focus in on documentation and providing scalability and collaboration. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help physicians gather the information of the patient. This was one of the first software used in clinical documentation. The software has extensive when is comes to the clinical documentation field and this software will be the best value addition in any healthcare organization. 

Who benefits from this software? 

It is for the Healthcare organizations who are looking for a solution in the terms of documentation processes. 


RXNT was founded in 1999 in Annapolis. It is one of America’s 5000 fastest growing private companies in the year 2019-2020. It is a fully integrated software provider which offers electronic health records with e-prescribing and patient engagement. It is a software which includes customized patient encounters with smart forms and templates. The patient data could be easily accessed, and it helps empower patients with their online empower portal. RXNT also has an e-prescribing app for Android and IOS. It can be accessed from anywhere 24/7 and it is one of the best cost-effective applications which is available.