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On-Demand Home Care is OASIS compliant, which means you can use a patient-specific, standardized assessment to plan care, determine reimbursement and measure quality. OASIS provides essential information that helps ensure that patients receive appropriate care and treatment. The assessment process is key to understanding a patient’s condition and assuring that they receive the best possible care. By thoroughly assessing a patient, we can gather crucial data to help us make decisions about their treatment. The benefits of conducting a thorough assessment of patients are numerous. 

As we approach the 2023 launch of OASIS-E, it's crucial to start preparing now. There are a few key steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Adjust your agency’s assessment attitude. With the new version of OASIS comes a new way of thinking about patient assessment. It’s important to start shifting your mindset to prepare for the change.
  2. Get familiar with the new system. Take some time to learn about the new features and functionality of OASIS-E.

As we approach the transition to OASIS-E, it is important to first ensure that your agency understands the transitional aspects of OASIS-D1. This will not only help with the implementation of OASIS-E but can also improve agency outcomes and increase clinician engagement and satisfaction. Although it may seem counterintuitive, training too early on OASIS-E-specific items may be detrimental.

Feels like a lot? Don’t worry. On-Demand home care application provides home caregivers with an easy way to improve the care quality they provide to their patients. It eliminates the need for manual reviews, improves documentation accuracy, and holds clinicians accountable for the accuracy and timely fixing of errors and inconsistencies. This results in optimal reimbursement for your work and improved quality of care for your patients.

On-Demand Home Care’s software solution will help with insurance reimbursements, measure the quality of care, and efficiently plan for future home health care needs. Having all this information in one place makes getting the best possible care easier.

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