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Get all the analytics and monitor the complete business process from the robust dashboard. Leverage the data for overall betterment
Hassle-free scheduling with the real-time text notifications.
Extensive assessment makes it easy to get the most of the related data of patient which can be used to draw conclusion or make to any change in medication.
User-friendly & efficient tools with interactive templates save the time by a consistent workflow and eliminate the confusion in data entry.
Only to get the notes of your relevance, populated by the intuitive tools based on the previous actions.
On time and error free claims ensure the hassle-free payment.
The striking and the most convenient feature record the data in your absence and enables you to populate it accordingly later.
Eliminate the chances of errors and get audit-free while doing the right things easily.
The custom designing of special tools without any additional charge makes us the best in class of customer support.
The inbuilt verification tool provides a proof of the service delivery and adds a greater trust to your business.
It helps in pre-verification of the visits.