On-Demand Homecare Benefits

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Save Time

  • Instant online Medicaid/Medicare/Private Insurance verification
  • Text field staff, Physicians and Patients from the software
  • Fax physicians from the software
  • Generate Plan of Care from OASIS in seconds
  • Pre-Populate data from a Start of Care to Recertification

Expedite Reimbursements

  • PPSVantage helps you maximize reimbursements
  • Automatic identification of RAP/EOE Ready Claims
  • Automatic HIPPS code generation
  • Electronic claims submission

Improve Patient/Caregiver collaboration

  • Update Patient Charts from Point of Care
  • Text visit reminders to Patients
  • Work-flow process ensures all Patients are progressing through their Episodes
  • ISL interactive graphic in OASIS and Progress Notes allows simplified pain/wound tracking

Verify Visits Electronically

Our integrated Electronic Visit Verification App helps Caregivers/service staff to verify visits electronically at Point of Care

  • Looks up day's Schedules
  • Records exact date, time & location of Visit
  • Captures Caregiver, Patient's Signature
  • Syncs data real time
Federally-mandated changes keep coming! How will you protect your Medicare revenue?

Every year is challenging year for home care providers. Increasing numbers of dual-eligibility patients, recent proposed changes to home care payment and policy adds to increasing stress on an Agency's Medicare revenue stream. In a recent national survey, 46% of Billing managers said that keeping up with the ever changing regulations and requirements from CMS (Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services) is one of their top challenges at work.

ODHC customers are covered on an ongoing basis, including information when Medicare changes are anticipated and when their services are being updated. To comply with new requirements. ODHC is there to help! That means you're protected from future CMS changes and ODHC allows you to protect your cash flow.